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Jack Hoffman, founder of J. Irwin Productions LLC, has been a fan of comedy all of his life. He never wanted to perform comedy; rather, he took an interest in writing jokes while a teenager.

His passion for writing jokes began to take hold in his high school years. Jack was encouraged to submit his original jokes to the late, great Rip Taylor. Encouraged by Taylor directly, Jack began submitting his jokes to Taylor on a regular basis, with an offer to pay $10 per joke for any jokes used. Ten dollars per joke was nothing to sneeze at back in the Stone Age.

He got to work, and after many submissions, Jack finally heard Rip use one of his jokes on national television during an interview.

But, alas, he is still awaiting payment. The Pony Express has arthritis and has ceased operation.     Any chance of payment ended in 2019 when Rip Taylor passed away.

After retiring several years ago from a career that was in customer-centric operations management, several of Jack's friends introduced him to the comedy business. He knew right away that he enjoyed seeing how the sausage was made and wanted to create some of his own.

Jack founded J. Irwin Productions in the mid-2010's.  In the years since, Jack has produced approximately 70 successful comedy shows,  as both fundraisers and as pure entertainment at restaurants, theaters and performing arts centers.  In the past couple years, Jack has partnered with Chip Ambrogio, establishing the Comedy Corner as a local comedy club presenting the best in comedy to the Bergen County crowd.  

                                                                                                                                                                   J. Irwin Productions works hard to deliver top-notch shows. All productions consist of local and national talent and they are always searching for new talent, looking to make their professional debut. Jack and Chip pull from a vast talent pool to bring their audiences some of the most entertaining stand-up shows in the New Jersey/New York region.                                                                                                                                       





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