It has been 6 years since I retired and I have to say I have enjoyed this chapter of my life very much. Most importantly, my family is well and growing this year.


  When I retired, I said I would spend my days doing things that I enjoy, which includes going to NYC to see many shows, watching my Yankees play, and laughing – a lot! I’ve gotten to know many folks who work very hard at their craft, in various facets of show business, and I am honored to call each of them “my friend.”


  I am excited to announce that I have set up a business and hope to share some of these experiences with others. In the coming weeks, I will be setting up a website, Facebook page, and Instagram and Twitter accounts for J. Irwin Productions, LLC.


  I look forward to producing comedy shows and other special events, after all, “Laughing is good for your health!”


  I am partnering with subject matter experts who have years of experience in various facets of the business, including fundraising for organizations that are very close to my family and me.