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Corporate Shows/Business Meetings

Theme Shows

It's been one heck of a fiscal year. Treat your employees with a comedy event at your next employee appreciation celebration.

Book a comedian/s/ for your next corporate or small business event.

Typically, comedy performances range from 20 minutes to an hour. An Emcee, although not always necessary, usually performs for 10-15 minutes to warm the crowd up.

It’s essential to consider the overall flow of the event, including other presentations or activities, to ensure the comedian’s timing fits smoothly.

Other things to consider are possible venues. We can accommodate a range of venues, from in-house office parties, company picnics, catering halls, to virtual events.


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Previous Themes include,

  • The Funniest New Jersey Teacher.

  • Greek Comedians.

  • The Borscht Belt: A Tribute to the Catskills.

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